Do you know Viber is TOP 10 downloaded app of all-time with more than 1.3 Billion users worldwide?


  • In South East Europe 77% - 90% people with smartphones have Viber app on their phone.
  • Ability to engage text, photos and links can give your customers more information.
  • Our statistics gives you insight of all your messages. Being able to track who reads it, how many you send, who receives it...
  • With Viber Service you pay only what is delivered – making it cost effiicent.
  • Improve your interaction with multiple forms of communication: 1way or 2way.

SMS is the most native way of communication- 160 characters can sum up almost everything you need to send to your client. You can always option to use Viber with SMS backup for 100% delivery of all your messages

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What can Viber offer for your service?

  • 1000 characters
  • Picture
  • Link
  • More info about your company

You can reach your customers with your offer right on their phone - 90% of messages delivered to Viber are read within 3 minutes.